Climbing Bai Tho Mountain to admire the whole of Halong Bay for a moment

Bai Tho Mountain is one of the highest mountains in Ha Long, located at an altitude of 200m with half lying on land, half lying on the sea. Climbing to the top of the mountain you can admire the whole panorama of Ha Long City in a flash.

Bai Tho Mountain is a beautiful limestone mountain in Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province. From early childhood, this mountain is called the Roundup Mountain (Transmission Dang Son) because this is the place where the soldiers in ancient times burned fire to the capital every time the enemy came.

Bai Tho Mountain
Bai Tho Mountain

Today, the name of Bai Tho Mountain was set by nine mountain poems, including the Han poems of Le Thanh Tong carved on stone in 1468, and Zhenggang in 1729. Each poem is a priceless literature, still exists almost intact to this day and has become the pride of the whole city of Ha Long.

How to clime Bai Tho Moutain:

Recently, a place to be both domestic and foreign visitors check in quite a lot when coming to Ha Long, Quang Ninh – it is Bai Tho Mountain. Although this is not the highest mountain in the city but it is quite ideal location for you to admire the panoramic Ha Long Bay from above.

Bai Tho Mountain
Bai Tho Mountain

Conquering Bai Tho Mountain is not so hard or lose as many people think. Bai Tho Mountain is only about 200 meters high, you will only take about 30 minutes to be able to set foot on the mountain. The best time to get here is early morning and evening. If you intend to catch the dawn, you climb from about 4:30 am and 16:00 if you want to catch the sunset.

Admire the whole scene of Ha Long from above

After you climb to the top of Bai Tho Mountain, you will easily observe the Bai Chay Bridge where the building is equipped with LED lighting systems and discolored water in the distance is the Cai Lan port .Tran Quoc Nghien road bustling with traffic on the left Fairy Mountain. The houses in Hong Hai Ward also suddenly become smaller with the roof undulating.

The higher one climbs, the more Halong City tiny hidden behind the limestone cliffs and tangled vines. Just climbing just feel the scent and sea breeze will help you go somewhat less tired. If you are lucky, you can also meet mountain goats that are covered in freedom here are extremely lovely and interesting.

Bai Tho Mountain
Bai Tho Mountain

If you have the opportunity to visit Bai Tho Mountain to take hundreds of beautiful photos scene of Halong Bay here

A small note if the sky is the best mist must not climb mountains. You may experience rain without shelter. Also, when it’s dark, the visibility is very limited, so climbing up to where you can hardly see the scenery below.

* How to go:

From the city center post office, visitors can easily find a way to climb the mountain.

– Go straight to Le Thanh Tong Street to Hang Noi Street when you see the sea of Nam Phong.

– Turn to the opposite road. The road to Bai Tho Mountain has to go into the small alley and pass through the house here. Ask the people here they will enthusiastically show you the way.

– The foot of a middle-aged family is in charge of this area, if the gate is locked, you can call him open the gate. You can send the car right at the head of the lane or take the car to Halong market.

Written by Tracy Nguyen

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