Where is best Sunset hunting in Asia?

Asia, the continent of Sun, a continent with exotic culture, containing many mystical beauties. One of those beauties is the sunset moment, the sundown with twilight. On this continent, there are many destination to watch wonderful sunsets, such as: Golden temple Harmandir Sahib India, U Bein Bridge Myanmar, Manila flying Phillipins … Today, Genesis Cruise would love invite you to explore one of those locations, it is Halong bay Vietnam …watching best sunset Halong bay.

Ha Long Bay (Located in the Tonkin Gulf, North East of Vietnam) is voted as the most beautiful sunset destination in Asia by the world’s best journalists, photographers and traveling experts. it was chosen bay the founder of the Asia travel website travelfish.org, Mr. McDonald. When you go to this tropical paradise, visitors should not miss the moment of heaven and earth transfer between beautiful day and night, best sunset Halong bay.
                                                                       Halong bay under sunshine

Experience the fascinating scenery here, visitors will not be surprised by the beauty created in favor of this land. At each moment, each time Ha Long has a very personal appearance. If at dawn, clear things, the sunshine in the morning brings freshness, full of life. Meanwhile the twilight in the afternoon bring in the mysterious, dreamlike imposing mountains, pristine.
best sunset Halong bay                                                                 Amazing moment in the Bay

As the sun shines brightly at the end when the sunset falls, the light reflecting on the clouds create a beautiful vivid scenes. Thousands of large and small islands with different shapes and colors from yachts in the shadow to the water make a painting more beautiful water than ever. best sunset Halong bay.
Halong Bay is a place where visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the beautiful water. Come to Genesis Halong bay, tourists will be breeze floating on the boat, wading through the unique stone blocks, mysterious caves.
best sunset Halong bay                                     Most popular tour is overnight cruising, stay on a boat

You can stand or choose for yourself a deck chair, sip cocktails and enjoy the best sunset in the world. All anxiety anxiety like being swept away by the smell of sea scent smell, all just left a feeling of relaxation, pleasure to the extreme. best sunset Halong bay.

Perhaps because of this, many visitors to Ha Long Bay and choose an overnight cruise tour. However, with the new highway from Hanoi to Halong city, save half time on bus, the day tour is becoming a very good trendy option.
                                             The most popular tour is stay on a boat

So how to get sunset with day cruise tour?

There is a good news by Genesis is the first company organize group daily tour to Halong and take the route number to, visit Sung sot cave, following the route of overnight Cruises. So tourist will have chance to catch up the sunset moment on the bay. If you have not been to and experience can refer to our schedule Ha Long cruise at the following link: https://genesiscruise.com/tours/halong-luxury-day-tour/

best sunset Halong bay

Beside the overnight cruise, Halong Luxury Day Tour also a good option for travelers to visit the nature wonder. With our high-standard facilities as brand new limousine van, go on new expressway in return, traditional boutique junk, or full of experienced Tour guide, supported by new audio guide technology, nicely crew… we ensure you will have memorable trip to Halong bay with Genesis team to get experience in World nature wonder, getting knowledge about floating life, amazing mountain cave, explore tranquil scenery, touching the nature by bamboo sampan or self-kayaking…

Please arrange a time to accompany Genesis Cruise to witness the eternal beauty of “stone wonder in the sky” and have your own feeling!