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  1. The features of Halong bay day trip classic:

Beside the overnight cruise, Luxury Halong Bay day trip also good option for travelers to visit the nature wonder. However, from the past to the present, Halong bay day tour in one day tour from Hanoi are not focused by many tour operators, because its profit is not high. So many tourists who have little or no time to travel on the boat often have to use standard services at low prices. It is lack of  luxury tour for high experience, comfortable for travellers to meet the high expectations and perfect in quality service.

Besides the not high profit, the distance from Hanoi to Halong city is about 170 km. With developed countries, 170km is a normal distance, but with road conditions in Vietnam, which is an obstacle.

In many years, some problems arose in Halong bay day trip classic as the following:

– Transportations for tourists: Tour operators often use large size buses to reduce costs. Therefore, they usually use 35 seats for 25-30 passengers per trip. There are about 10-15 points to pick up guests in the old town. The first guest on the bus will have to sit nearly 1 hour to drive around the old town to pick up enough the number of other guests. (usually from 7.30 to 8.30 am).

Halong bay day tour from Hanoi
Standard bus is popular in Hanoi or Vietnam – Halong Bay luxury day tour

– Inconvenience Traffic: Most of the tour Operator are using old national highway No.18, which is a main road for moving from Hanoi to Halong, but now the quality of the road is very bad as well as traffic volume is high. Furthermore, it takes 4 hours to reach to Tuan Chau marina, Halong city and on the back way will take same time.

Halong bay luxury cruises
Old road no 18 is alway overcrowded to go from Hanoi to Halong city – Luxury Halong Bay day tour

Cruising route: Since the distance to travel takes quite a long time, so time on board at Halong Bay is not much. There are currently two main routes for the Halong bay day trip: Route 1 and Route 2.

Route 1, it takes up to 4 hours, the main activities include in visiting Thien Cung cave – Dau Go and go by kayaking in the Ba Hang area. This area is only available for one day tour, overnight cruise are not available at this time because it is near the shore, only 30 minutes away from the mainland to take a cruise.

Halong bay luxury cruises
Basic route, no 1 for day tour, visit Thien Cung, haven cave, always see Halong city behind

Route 2, it takes up to 6 hours, to explore Surprise Cave, Titov Island, go by kayaking or rowing boat in Luon Cave, in the core area of heritage. This area takes 1.5 hours by boat. There is stunning scenery along the way and is the main route of the overnight cruise.

Currently, 80% of one day tours is Route 1. So the tourist will spend 8 hours on the bus (both go and return) and only 4 hours on boat. It can be said that this is a ‘bus tour’ but not a ‘boat tour’. So after Halong bay day tour from Hanoi, guests are often very tired without much experience on Halong Bay.

Halong bay day trip
You could see the difference of route 1 and route 2 for cruising-Luxury Halong Bay day tour

– Number of tourist in per group: To reduce costs, companies often use large buses, groups of 30-40 passengers per cruise. It is difficult for each tour guide take care up to 30 passengers so to share about the information during the trip to each guest is very limited. Guests will not be known many interesting information about Halong Bay day trip or highlight places. A large number of guests on boat will also make feel less private space, or sometimes noisy during the trip.

Halong bay day tour
Big group size is also a concern when guest do not have private space

– Quality and price: It is still considered as basic Halong bay day trip, “go to check in” (not “go to enjoy and experience”), so the price of Halong Bay day trip is usually not high. Tour operator often use large groups size, big buses, do not take highways, short routes, low quality meals, moderate quality guides … which to reduce costs, mass production tours… so the overall service quality will be equivalent to the price.

So what is best solution for Luxury Halong Bay day tour for tourist who do not have much time or do not want to stay on a cruise overnight nd to get the full experience of Halong bay?

Let’s choose a Luxury Halong Bay day tour instead of and pay more to get best.

Written by Tracy Nguyen.

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