Traditional Halong Bay junks

Classic Halong bay junks, the immortal beauty of Tonkin Gulf:

All images of the wooden classic Halong bay junks, waves to take visitors to the sea to visit this wonderland has become familiar and impressive to everyone, especially international visitors. The sails with colorful colors, such as huge butterflies fluttering, intermingled in thousands of rock islands undulating with immense waves, creating fantasy, dreams for the beautiful wonder in Tonkin gulf.

Halong classic junks

The traditional beauty of Halong

Classic Sails Halong wonder long time ago

Halong bay junks

Classic Sails of Halong in the pass

Halong bay junks

Halong about 10 years ago

classic Halong bay junks today?

However, with the new trend with the production of many iron ships, the above culture images are increasingly lost, not much in Halong bay anymore. So with the desire to continue introducing traditional Halong bay pictures, traditional culture, Genesis Cruise we still try to maintain those things to tourists from over the World. And so, that’s why the Genesis ships are traditional wooden junks, featured by the sails, the most beautiful and poetic images of Halong bay Vietnam in the past. Inside the junk, the typical Vietnamese culture is also reflected in the materials used to serve tourists with traditional materials such as silk, wood, ceramics … to create a friendly, Cozy but no less elegant, polite. 

Halong bay

Hopefully, with the efforts of Genesis Company, you will experience the fullness not only of the beautiful nature of Halong bay Vietnam but also the traditional features of local people via classic junks. Come and feel the same.

Tonkin gulf
Halong today by Genesis

Genesis Cruise is combining the luxury in service and unique local culture. With our traditional wooden junks, we do not only introduce the stunning nature of Halong bay Vietnam but also the unique culture of Vietnam, that makes your trip to visit the land of dragons with fully enjoyment experience. Halong day tour used to be known as uncompleted tour with a lot of reasons and many people said, one day is not enough, so Genesis’s target is the solution for all above matters and prove that, one day tour Halong is will be a new trend.

Halong bay junks
Cozy and boutique decoration by ceramic, sill, bamboo…material

Le’ts come to Halong Vietnam, stay on Genesis to discover this wonderland.

Written by Sandie chen


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