Ha Long Bay- A beautiful heritage belonging to ‘Impression of Vietnam”

Ha Long Bay – A beautiful heritage belonging to ‘Impression of Vietnam”
Twice recognised as world natural heritage by UNESCO, Halong is overwelming in the North of Vietnam thanks to magnificent nature view and modern infrastructure.

An overview of Ha Long Bay is taken from Bai Tho Mountain. Ha Long Bay, located in northeast of Vietnam, includes Ha Long beach city, Cam Pha City and part of Van Don Island, Quang Ninh Province. Thanks to wonderful scenery and tectonic value, Ha Long Bay has become a world natural heritage which was recognized by UNESCO, and listed in the most beautiful bays around the world.

Placed on the scenic landscape, Halong city featured by soft and gentle shapes blending to the modern, dynamic mark of industrialization and urbanization.
Ha Long BayBai Tho Road along the coast involves the Ha Long green flower garden and the majestic bay.
Bai Chay Bridge connects 2 sides of Cua Luc River – not only one of the most beautiful cable bridges in Vietnam but the importance of transportation to develop the northern key economic region.
Ha Long BayThe work is considered as the highlights of Ha Long such as Sun Wheel, the Queen’s cable car, Bai Chay bridge sparkling when the city lights up.
The Sun Wheel belongs to the complex of Ocean Park project, which is invested and structured with the scale-up entertainment items attracting a huge number of tourists.
The brightening cabins slowly move up and from there, it’s easy to comtemplate panoramic view of Ha Long.
The whole view of Halong Ocean Park  – new attraction at Quang Ninh province.
There are so many extreme games at Halong Ocean Park

Located right next to Ha Long Bay in the northeast, Bai Tu Long Bay is such a beautiful and untouched destination preserving the traditional culture of local life for long time ago. The islands on this bay are like the dragons garthering at one point.
Ha Long Bay

Bai Tu Long bay consists of hundreds of varied-square islands. People living on the bay are engaged in fishing and aquaculture. Daily wooden boats take both customers and goods from the land to the islands.
         A fisherman is taking net out

Besides the beauty of nature, Ha Long City is also a vibrant economic center justified by high-tech industrial area and deep-sea ports. Cai Lan port is viewed from the middle of the Cua Luc with high cranes.
Ha Long BayIt is so beautiful in Ha Long Bay especially at night. Accompanying with the available values ​​and efforts to non-stop development, it’s supposed to be 1st position in the industry – services as well as contribute to the developed this city.

Edited by Sandie Chen
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