The beautiful beaches in the North cannot be missed

Let’s cooling your summer with the beaches of Northern Vietnam with blue water, white sand. Choose your destination after reading this article trip. Today we would love to listing the top beaches in the North of Vietnam. One of them is Bai Chay Halong bay beach that locates in Halong city. With 300 km coastal, the nature offered to Vietnam one of the most beautiful beaches in the World. Let’s discover them with Genesis Cruise right now.

  1. Halong bay beach – Quang Ninh

    The top beaches in the North of Vietnam
    Tourist are enjoying their swimming in the Halong bay beach

Halong bay beach is a destination that is always coveted not only by domestic tourists but also foreigners. Especially, after Kong movie: Skull Island, the “hot” of Halong tourist is even more advanced. Halong city is a popular tourist destination all year round. April to October is the ideal beach time.

  1. Co To island – Quang Ninh island

Quang Ninh tourism cannot be overlooked Co To island. The island is famous for its fine white sand, clear blue water and cool breezes. Come to Co To, you have to immediately reward the famous seafood such as: a sun shine, nail snail, surf, wand, …

  1. Cat Ba island – Hai Phong

Cat Ba beach, simplicity of the white salt muddy fields on the pristine beaches of passersby. you could enjoy the feeling of immersive into the majestic majesty with the mountains. High majestic and immense green forest and hundreds of wildlife species. Here, tourist can visit and bathing at Cat Co beaches. Cat Co 1 beach is bustling, crowded for the lively tourists, opposite Cat Co beach 3 quite quiet and very few people. Suitable for those who love the tranquility and tranquility of nature.

  1. Cua Lo Beach – Nghe An

Cua Lo beach in Cua Lo town, 16 km from Vinh city. With a length of 8.2 km, Cua Lo beach is divided into 3 areas to serve visitors. However, besides the beauty of the early silver waves, the sand sands stretch, smooth. Nghe An tourism attracted more people in a sea of fun. Everyone would like to experience a small boat at night time to go quid fishing.

  1. Thien Cam beach – Ha Tinh

The sea of Thien Cam – Ha Tinh, the name of this place associated with the ancient legend when King Ho Quy Ly visit the defensive land, to hear the wind, the sound, Should be a melodious song, should name the area is Thien Cam (goddess).

In addition to the beauty of a wonderful beach. Thien Cam Beach is also gifted with natural islands, mountain ranges winding around to bring the beauty of rare marine painting.

  1. Quan Lan Beach – Quang Ninh Province

Quan Lan (1 hour by speedboat away from Halong beach) is a relatively new destination for tourists. This place is not noisy, exciting as the beaches of Cua Lo, Cat Ba, Do Son, … A place for rest, fun. it is camping ideal for groups of young people, family. Quan Lan also keeps the beauty of nature, peaceful, suitable for those who love nature and make beautiful photos. This holiday season is an ideal time for those who plan to camp on the beach.

  1. Dong Chau beach – Thai Binh province

    Halong city

Coming to Dong Chau, you can drop into the memories of childhood when you join the children to catch your finger on the beach when the tide draws down. or give yourself moments of relaxation watching the lives of people. The villagers here are busy, hard-working with the field of Tibet (clam). Here visitors will feel something very peaceful, very Vietnamese.

  1. Tra Co beach – Mong Cai, Quang Ninh province

Coming to the forefront of this country, visitors can visit many tourist places such as Tra Co Church, Tra Co family…Or joining Tra Co family festival which takes place at the end of June beginning of the month. 5 lunar calendar to learn more about the folk cultural values of the people here. In addition, Tra Co is still quite wild, tourism services here are not so much development. So visitors can buy seafood right when the fishermen just caught to bring the freshest processed food. Tra Co is belong to Quang Ninh province as Halong beach and Halong bay.

  1. Sea island of Hon Dau – Do Son, Hai Phong city

    Halong bay

From the mainland, only 10 minutes by boat, tourists have set foot on Hon Dau, a pristine sea island with huge canopy of primeval forest and tall trees. Not only are you dropping into the sea, visitors can also visit the temple of Nam Hai Dai Vuong – a sacred shrine according to the people here. The lighthouse brightly illuminate the boat at night. There is underground tunnel walking through the island that was built from the anti-American resistance war. Hai Phong has been known as the biggest seaport city in Vietnam, but is is not really famous for foreigner tourist. In the fact, Cat Ba island and Lan Ha Bay is belong to Hai Phong, not Halong city as usually known. They are very attractive beside Halong beach and Baitulong bay also.

  1. Bai Chay (Halong bay beach) – Halong city

    Halong bay beach
    An artificial beach in Halong city

Bai Chay is an artificial beach, located along Halong bay beach with sandy beaches. It is longer than 500 meters and 100 meters wide. This beach attracts a lot of tourists during the sea tourism season. Every day in the early morning or evening, thousands of people often come down here to bathe. They make the place becomes unusually bustling. Moreover, around Bai Chay is a low-sloping hill to the sea. Stretching more than 2 km, interwoven are the hotel, the small architectural villas separate, makes this place bring its own beauty, very impressive. Before, Bai Chay was famous with the pollution. However, nowaday, with a  lot of effort from local Government and enterprise, Bai Chay becomes cleaner. There are many projects to attractive tourist as theme park, cable car along the coastal, sunwheel….


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