How exciting is Kayaking in Halong bay
Halong bay is one of the World famous natural wonders because of the splendid beauty that attracts million visitors. Ha Long Bay is becoming an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists. One of the reasons why this place has become an ideal destination is the richness and diversity of exploring forms of Halong Bay kayaking that are highly experiential visiting here.
Halong bay kayaking
                                                  Halong bay is ideal place for kayaking

Come to Halong you will experience the feeling of exploring one of the majestic bays with innumerable cliffs rushing up the cliffs, beautiful rapids. There is a interesting form of discover that attracts all visitors when they come to here, which is HaLong Bay kayaking.

In fact, Halong bay kayaking have appeared in HaLong since the early 1990s and early 20th century. At first, kayaking in Ha Long bay was mainly for water tourists, in addition with adventurous foreigners. To dates, there have been many domestic visitors taking part in kayaking in HaLong Bay, especially young people. Explore Halong bay kayaking, tourists will get closest and likely see a beautiful HaLong Bay what they do not have same feeling when sitting on the cruise/boat. Halong bay kayaking is a very enjoyable experience visitors are hit the sky clouds, non-Ha Long water, are wriggled into the cave, hand stroking the stalactites, flowers, hermaphroditic, cushioned snail shells, colorful shimmering shells … that gives the feeling is poetic for each person.

Kayaking under sunshine

HaLong Bay is one of the top 25 kayak tourist destinations in the World that was voted by National Geographic Adventures Magazine in 2000. If you have the chance to go to HaLong Bay, try to do kayaking by yourself to visit fishing village Vung Vieng, Cong dam, Cua van, Hoa Cuong … explore the beautiful scenery on the Bay as well as the lives of the people here. For many visitors, the most interesting thing is that they are rowing into the water cave (tunnel) into the cave to explore the numerous stalactites that created with many strange shapes. Especially when Halong bay kayaking goes to low caves, you will have to cling to the top of the cave and push the boat, sometimes you will have to squeeze into the boat can pass through the cave. According to experienced kayaker, kayaking is a sport that is quite dangerous for those who do not know how to swim or lose their temper. Experience and explore the hidden beauty of beautiful HaLong Bay is excited with Halong bay kayaking.

The Dark cave

Along with Halong bay kayaking, visitors will be genuinely exploring the life of fishing villages in Ha Long. Guests will be participating in the experience as fishermen along with the people here, explore the unique culture of fishing villages in HaLong Bay. Many visitors prefer to sail to the rafts to see the daily life of fishermen, from how to knit nets, netting, feeding fish, cooking on the raft … The destination for this activity experience. It is Hoa Cuong village Vung Vieng fishing village, Cua Van fishing village, Ba Hang fishing village … You can rent kayak right at Ha Long cruise dock.

Continue on the journey to explore Ha Long Bay kayaking in Ha Long Bay, visitors will slowly pass through the Heaven Gate, Lu Huong Mount, Drum cave… and stop in front of Luon cave. Unwind by the mysterious kayak traveler, to the Titop island, dropping into the fresh and cool waters of Ha Long Bay is one of the interesting things to attract visitors to come and join a journey to discover Halong Bay by kayak.

                                                          Get closest touch to local floating life

Conquer the top of Titop island

Climbing to the summit of Titop island (name of Xoviet spacy hero), visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of the bay in miniature. The rocky islands of all shapes stand in the middle of the sea blue sky.

Conquering Titop island-Halong bay

In the morning, visitors sip a cup of coffee and pick up the sunrise, then start a new day to discover the beauty of the Sung sot (Surprising) cave, the most beautiful mountain cave in Halong bay. The stalactite cave carries the shape of wild chickens, frogs, dragons, waterfalls …

Halong bay kayaking
The floating villages were no more do discover on the Bays

Currently, kayaks are made of composite plastic, cast rubber or inflatable boats with oars. Areas such as Hang Luon, Ba Ba Dao Dao, Ba Ham, Dau Be, Hang Co … are suitable places for kayaking … You can experience kayaking in Halong Bay by taking tours. Travel on Halong Bay with luxury yachts. Because this is the activity of the tour program of most cruises on Halong Bay for tourists who want to explore the beautiful Ha Long Bay. Have a boat trip in Ha Long Bay to enjoy this excited feeling.

Halong bay kayaking
Mingle to nature


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