Halong bay tour Audio Guide

Why need audio guide for Halong bay tour?

Halong bay tour audio guide (AG) is one of hearty project for our clients, with hope that could help all travelers get the full experience for your trip with us.
Currently in Vietnam, the application of AG in the tourism industry has not been developing. At present, there is only one museum in Hanoi using this system. That’s the AG system in a place. At the tour as visiting Halong Bay, in each group of tourists who come from the same country, only one guide speaks their language to serve and introduce information. There are many forms of open tour, guests are grouped into a group, guests will also from many different countries such as France, England, Japan, Korea, Spain … usually there is only one English speaking Guide to take care of all guests. The problem is some of them do not communicate well in English, which makes the guests do not have enough experience of destinations and trips, the care of the guide It was also greatly reduced, though these guests had to pay the same price as other one. The problem here is the multilingual requirement in one tour.To solve the problem, after a period of research, Genesis has our own solution. That is the application of new technology in smartphone combined with the basis of Audio Guide. Specifically, we have created an application for Google play (popular on Android devices) and Apple store (for IOS devices like the Iphone , Ipad …). This software when downloaded will include all the useful and interesting content of the trip, the destinations in the itinerary that visitors are interested in, want to know. Especially the content will have customized language options such as French, Japanese, Korean…This will be very convenient for visitors who do not communicate in English, they will also have a full experience, equal to other. Customers just download the application and content online directly (on the bus with wifi, 4G) and plug in the headphones, select the audio items to listen, the software will run automatically, visitors just turn off the screen, put into the bag and experience the destination information that the car is passing through, easy and interesting.

Halong bay tour
Interface of app on smartphone after installing

2. What is Halong bay tour Audio guide (AG):

Halong bay tour Audio Guide is a on-phone information storage appliction that helps travelers get the most complete and convenient information when visiting a destination. Support for guides to help make the experience of the visitor to be more fulfill. The strengths of the Audio guide compared to Traditional Guides are multilingual and tourist can actively choose the information they want to hear in their own language.

3. How many types of Audio Guide:

There are quite a few variants of the AG, including the bus tour bus, GPS positioning, smartphone settings.

halong bay
                                Halong bay tour Audio Guide, By Genesis Cruise

3. How does Genesis’s Halong bay tour audio guide works?

The features of Application:

–             Full useful, interesting information for a Halong bay tour
–            Easy to install to your phone from Google Play or Apple Store
–             Optional downloading all audio for preferred language
–             Optional downloading per audio or all audios in per language
–             Auto play audio
–             play audio in background
–             You could download before or when join the tour
–             It is set passcode for exclusive policy, if you want get code, please email to us

Steps to download the application:

Step 1: Open your phone, go to Google play or Apple Store.
Step 2: Type ‘’Halong Tour Audio Guide’’ into the search box
-> You will see the software with the Genesis logo appears, named as above.
Step 3: Click on “Install” tab, wait for the phone to announce the installation is completed.
Step 4: Exit the main screen, open the Halong Tour Audio Guide app just installed
Step 5: Select the language to enter the passcode, contact us for a passcode or Tour guide will give you before the trip begins.
Step 6: There will be a list of destination information, where visitors have two options:
Listen online, with 3G and wifi connection
Download the audio file to avoid disconnect from 3G connection (such as when visiting the cave inside the mountain). In this section, you can also down all the files once or select the single files of the destination you are interested in, want to hear.

Step 7: Plug in the headset, turn off the phone screen and start enjoying!

We hope that, with this application, tourist will have full enjoyment for the Halong trip with Genesis Cruise. Goodbye and see you on board.

The Gen team!


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