Halong Bay Vietnam to the top 50 natural wonders of the world

Halong Bay Vietnam to the top 50 natural wonders of the world.
Ha Long Bay is ranked 43rd in the list of 50 natural wonders of the world by CNN Travel.

Halong bay Vietnam

With thousands of limestone islands covered with green scrub, Halong Bay Vietnam became the biggest tourist attraction in the North of Vietnam. Come here, visitors can become a photographer themselves, immersed in the landscape, wonderful.
Halong bay Vietnam

                                                                               UNESCO nature heritage
HaLong Bay Vietnam is 170 km away from Hanoi. You can take a car or private car rental, shuttle bus, package tour…even charter your sea-plane to enjoy the trip from high above the bay.

Pulpit Rock, Preikestolen, Norway

Located in the south of Jorpeland, Norway, Pulpit Rock (also known as Preikestolen) is a famous rocky cliff that every climber wished to set foot in. With a 604 m high steep cliff from the foot of the Lysefijord plateau without safety barriers, the Rock Pulpit is not for the heart-weak people. However, if you avoid the edge of the mountain, you can still enjoy the wonderful view.

Gran Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Stretching over 10 km2 south of Bolivia, the Gran Salar de Uyni resembles a salt desert rather than a salt field. Come here, visitors have the feeling of clear blue sky reflected in the lake and seems to run endless. Especially there is a hotel that is made mostly from salt, and an island planted with giant cactus in the salt lake.

Crater of Ngorongoro volcano, Tanzania

A volcanic eruption 2-3 million years ago created the Ngorogoro basin extending over 300 square kilometers, like the paradise of Africa. Ngorogoro is home to 25,000 animal species and nearly all species are characterized in East Africa, such as lions, leopards, rhinoceroses, buffalos and elephants. In addition, visitors can admire the wonderful scenery here, especially at dawn.

Paria Canyon, Arizona, USA

The canyon of the Paria River, north of Arizona, is a small version of the Grand Canyon. Some stone constructions here, such as The Wave, are worth a visit. However, visitors must obtain a permit from the Land Administration to sleep overnight and always carry a garbage bag.

Alive Volcanic in Stromboli, Italy

As part of the Aeolian Islands off the coast of Sicily, Italy, the small volcanic island of Stromboli is home to several hundred brave people. Stromboli is still active and is erupting. However, this is the stop of the day for some visitors to enjoy watching the volcano. Visitors can watch natural fireworks at night around the island.

Gobustan Mud Flug, Azerbaijan

About 70 km from Azerbaijan’s capital Baku, Gobustan is covered with thick gray mud that erupts from small volcanoes. The sludge here is supposed to have a healing effect, so do not be surprised if many people roll in the mud.

Jeita Grotto, Nahr al-Kalb Valley, Lebanon

Lebanese journalists and photographers tour the Jeita Grotto by boat during a media day to campaign for the selection of the Jeitta Grotto as one of the seven natural wonders of the world July 1, 2008. The Jeita Grotto is a compound of karstic limestone caves in Lebanon located 20 kilometres north of Beirut in the Valley of Nahr al-Kalb (Dog River). The grotto complex is made up of two caves, upper galleries and a lower cave through which an underground river runs. Picture taken July 1, 2008. REUTERS/Mohamed Azakir (LEBANON)

Located 18 km from Beirut, Jeita Grotto includes many limestone caves lying on the ground, stretching 9 km. Jeita Grotto was once a prehistoric sanctuary and is now a popular tourist destination with vibrant colors and stalactites. The largest stone in the world is also here.

Pembrokeshire beach road, Wales
The road stretches 300 km from St. Louis. Dogmaels to Amroth, Southwestern Wales. It has a humid and windy climate, however, if you are lucky, you can go on a sunny day and have a chance to see the whole place in the most beautiful scenes in the world.

Lake Pangong Tso, Indo-Chinese border

This salty lake is located in the Himalayas at an altitude of 4,350 m, on the disputed border between India and China. The air in the low pressure area makes the water in the lake greener and deeper. However, do not touch your feet in the lake. To reach the lake, you can only go through a mountain road from the Indian town of Leh, and you also need a permit.

Halong bay Vietnam,
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