Halong city tour by electric car: new tourism product of Ha Long city
According to Mr. Doan Van Dung, General Director of Indochina Junk company, he submitted the idea of organizing a tour to visit HaLong City by electric car (Halong city tour), because he wanted tourists know that beside the Heritage Natural World Halong Bay, HaLong City also has many interesting destinations so that visitors can enjoy and experience…
Halong city tour
The tram team in front of Quang Ninh museum

Accordingly, the “Halong city tour” by electric cars is a new tourism product of HaLong City organized by the company Ocean Cruise. Besides the famous destinations of HaLong city as Long Tien Temple, HaLong Market, Vincom Trade Center, Museum – Library Quang Ninh …, the tour will take tourists along the way to watch the seaside. Natural world of Ha Long Bay, fish market, coastal fishing village…

According to the plan, the first step will be a tour of 10 city center locations: Long Tien Temple, Ha Long Market, Vincom Trade Center, Lan Be Park, 25 April Square, Museum and Mail Quang Tri, Quang Ninh, Column 3, Colored Fishing Village, Bai Tho Mountain, Duc Temple, Tran Quoc Nghien Temple with the reception at the Vietnam-Japan Labor Culture Palace, Ha Long Market, Quang Ninh Museum. On this journey, tourists have just admired the scenery, just heard about the history, culture, landscape of the city, the scenic HaLong Bay, HaLong cuisine. Time for a schedule can be from 1 to 2 hours, depending on whether guests want to stop at a certain time or soon. It is just two hours away that visitors can enjoy the typical features of the beautiful city on the Gulf Coast. This is very convenient for those who do not have too much time …

Halong city tour

Traveling by tram is an attractive form of sightseeing, not only bring new experiences for visitors but also help connect the impressive destinations of HaLong. The introduction of this type of eco-friendly tourism also contributes to the diversification of the city’s tourism products, adding to the attraction of domestic and international tourists.

Throughout the journey, visitors will be presented with explanations and introductions to attractions, cultural features, local cuisine.

It is known that the first time will be 10 trams for tourists in Hon Gai area in 3 tours, time from 30 minutes – 60 minutes / trip, from 8h-22h daily. Halong city tour.

Useful information:

  • Price for tram in Ha Long: 20,000 – 60,000 VND / person
  • Electric cars in Ha Long about 30 units.
  • Each car has 11 seats
  • Professional and well trained staffs.
  1. The advantages of using electric vehicles

First of all, the safety of high-powered passenger cars by the production of a complete electric vehicle, each electric vehicle initially undergoes rigorous testing, overcoming defects and enhancing pre-production strength, mass production and put into use.

Just a ride on the electric car, just watching the scenery is wonderful

In addition, the cost of tram service is not high because the car saved the cost of fuel so the price of passenger tram service is somewhat lower than other vehicles and especially use electric vehicles, precious Guests have contributed to protect the atmosphere clean. Using electric vehicles, 42 percent of the carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, according to US researchers. Thus, the priority of using electric vehicles, visitors have contributed significantly to the protection of the natural atmosphere that Mother Nature offers.

  1.  Things to know about tram tour in Ha Long, for a Halong city tour

In addition to sightseeing tours, visitors should not ignore the opportunity to visit the historical-cultural sites, other famous sights in Ha Long such as Long Tien Temple, Duc Ong Temple, Bai Tho Mountain, bridge Bai Chay, Quang Ninh Museum or visit the restaurants, entertainment and recreation. Just spend 1 to 2 hours traveling by tram, you will experience more beauty of HaLong in Halong city tour.

Halong city tour
 Tourists by tram in Halong

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of a dynamic city, visitors will have the opportunity to relax and admire the scenery on the car with a gentle touch of the breeze with the salty taste of the sea. You can refer to the tram services of the tram company by the Joint Stock Company Indochina investment boats with the Hon Gai lines include the typical stops: Bai Chay bridge – Pho Hill – Flower garden ferry – Vietnamese-Japanese Cultural Palace – Quang Ninh Arts and Letters Association – Long Tien Temple – Ha Long Market.

Or the bus company of the travel company Asia East with Bai Chay and Hon Gai. The route will go through such points as the commercial center, Marine Plaza entertainment, Bai Chay tourist port, Bai Chay bridge, Bai Tho mountain monument, Quang Ninh museum.

Travel by tram is very comfortable and quiet

In general, the quality of the electric cars provided by the carriers is ensured with beautiful appearance and safety when transporting passengers when equipped with roofs and lanterns. The price of tram is quite reasonable, from 20.000 to 60.000 VND / person so everyone can participate in this new service.

  1. Feelings of some visitors when traveling by tram, Halong city tour

Many visitors have been very excited to talk about this service. Asked about the feeling after finishing a tour of the city, Mr. Long (Can Tho) expressed his satisfaction. He said he and his family had a great excursion on the electric car. He admired the beauty of the city with shimmering light and sea breeze. He also recorded many beautiful pictures. The happy smile of him and his family make people want to try the feeling of sitting on the electric car. Halong city tour.

Halong city tour
The city tour could combine with biking activity in Halong in Halong city tour

Many people are excited to know this information. Asked by the impression that after a recent city visit by tram, Cuadard Brenille Didierr Alain, a French tourist and Ryan Danien Wik (US Citizen), urged them to have a visit. It is beautiful, the city is very beautiful and interesting, especially to admire the wonder of nature in the cool space of the sea breeze as the car slowly running on the sea. Many people have shown interest in seeing eco-friendly vehicles and vehicles appear on the streets with street-savvy travelers.

Electric vehicles are the ideal means of traveling with tourists in Halong. No fuss, noisy busiest, electric car promises to bring a lot of unexpected experience, interesting for visitors. Please share your memories and give us your comments on this new service in Ha Long by comment below! Wish you a safe, fun Halong city tour.