Hanoi – Halong expressway – Official lauching
  1. Official lauching of Halong – Hai Phong expressway

The project has its first point on 18 expressway, Dai Yen Ward, Ha Long and the end point connect with Hanoi – Hai Phong expressway, Dong Hai 2 ward, Hai An District, Hai Phong. Total investment is more than 13,000 billion. Halong bay day trip.

Connected lane to Bach Dang brigde – Hanoi-Halong expressway

Halong – Haiphong expressway is divided into two component projects, including the expressway and the Bach Dang Bridge

The bridge crosses the Bach Dang River from Dong Hai 2, Hai An District to Quang Yen Town (Quang Ninh Province), 5.4 km long, including a 25 m wide, 4-lane highway. The bridge has unique architecture bridges by forming 3 H meaningful Hanoi – Hai Phong – HaLong.

When the highway was put into operation, the distance from Halong to Hanoi was reduced to 50 km, to 130 km; From HaLong to Hai Phong only 25 km instead of 75 km as now.

According to the assessment, the new expressway not only promotes the value of Ha Noi – Hai Phong expressway, but also promotes regional connectivity, contributing to connecting the entire Hanoi – Hai Phong – HaLong triangle area. More space and opportunity for large socio-economic development throughout the region.

Bach Dang bridge with three H – means: Hanoi-Haiphong-Halong

With the completion of this expressway, many people, businesses, tourists will be pleased to know that the time to Halong – Hai Phong is now reduced to 30-45 minutes instead of two hours as before, the same time Halong – Hanoi only 2.00 hours instead of 3-4 hours

  1. Last joined-piece to Halong bay day trip

When you join a Halong bay day trip, the transfer type and standard of road from Hanoi to Halong bay is a big matter since a long time ago. Almost company still use the old road about 170km to go with long vehicles on road. The quality of road is bad and pampy.

Hanoi-Haiphong-Halong now be connected by full expressway system

If you join Halong bay day trip with classic route 1 (destinations that are near pier), to visit Thien Cung Cave as almost other cruise operators, so you will get more than 3 hours on board, but the time for staying on bus is 4 hours each way and 8 hours. So we think this is a ”bus tour” not a boat tour and surely tourist will be very tired after one day trip. Leaving hotel 7.30 a.m in the morning, but coming back about 9.00 p.m and just visit route 1 for 3.5 hours on the bay. We do not understand why other tours organizer still be conservative to remain the old road, just pay a little more for total fee to go by highway as what Genesis gonna do.

To solve that matter, Genesis gives out a solution with 02 points:

  • Using hi-class modern minivan that are modified to be very luxury and comfortable.
  • Go by Hanoi – Hai phong express way, it brings the most comfortable and save trip to tourist. From Hanoi to Halong bay, there are 02 highway system: one is Hanoi-Hai phong then connect to highway Hai phong – Halong.
Beautiful highway among rice fields

From December 1, 2017, Genesis has used the 5B expressway from Hanoi to Haiphong to shorten travel time more than 40 minutes and bring more comfortable, also the welcome for the full highway from HaNoi to Halong will be put into use in September 2018.

Halong bay day trip
A beautiful sea-cross road, made by Vietnamese architecture

And with the inauguration of the longest sea crossing in Southeast Asia, Bach Dang Bridge, on 1/9/2018, the last joined-piece of the Halong tour from Hanoi was completed.

Genesis Cruise also has been using the new Halong highway on last September 1st . Although the cost of roads is much higher than many old routes, but with the orientation from the beginning “comfort on way to laze on board”, we have put new routes into service to visitors without extra cost. To bring the best service to our customers as our orientation

  1. Benefits of the new route on road:

– Tourists from Hanoi will go later, have more time for breakfast, rest before departure, and not too rush. Estimated time will be 30-45 minutes slower than the old schedule

– The new route will save 1.30 minutes compared to 18 and 45 minutes from the old route of Genesis (only semi 5B highway). The new route will take about 2.45 minutes from Hanoi to Tuan Chau, including the rest time to visit Pearl processing factory.

– In addition, saving time to take the highway will completely give you the most comfortable and quiet. Combined with the Fuso limousine, the airy space and large windows give visitors an exciting view of both sides of the road. Especially when moving on the longest sea bridge in Southeast Asia.

– The early landing of Tuan Chau wharf will help to schedule the route 2, to visit Surprise cave more complete. As Genesis Day Cruise will depart earlier than all other sleeping and other cruise lines from 30-45 minutes, it will allow visitors to visit places such as the Hangover, Surprise Cave … in time to bring the most complete experience.

Halong bay day trip
Comfort on way to laze on board with Genesis Halong bay luxury day tour

With the completion of the Hanoi – Halong Expressway, the Halong bay day trip will continue to grow and give visitors a good choice with fully experience in Halong Bay.
Well now this was even better, Genesis continues to update and upgrade the quality of its products and services, let us always be a first choice for Halong luxury day tour.

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