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  1. Why you should choose Halong bay luxury day tour

After thoroughly researching and identifying customer needs, Genesis Cruise found that there are a large number of visitors who are able to pay better. They come to Hanoi and want to explore Halong Bay like other travelers. However, some of them do not have much time, or partly not have the need to participate in overnight on boat. But they still want to have a fully enjoyment experience with Halong bay luxury day tour. For the luxury day tour with small groups, hi-class modern vans, safe cruise, rich in nutrition and delicious food as well as the highlight itinerary on Halong Bay is the best option for any visitors.

Halong bay day tour from Hanoi
Halong bay is always amazing

In addition, the slogan of Genesis cruise is “All for your complete journeys”, all for the most luxury journey and experiences for our customers.

Combining these two elements, the Halong bay luxury day tour was established, Genesis Cruise is the first tour operator to hold a Halong bay day tour with high quality and fully enjoyment experience on bay.

To overcome the issues mentioned in part 1 above, we have researched and launched Halong bay luxury day tour by Genesis Cruise, which is the perfect solution to solve the problem of standard Halong bay one day tour.

Reason 1: Iron boat by traditional looking and interior

Our cruise team has 03 vessels by new iron boat with air-conditioner, and traditional in boutique decorating of interior. They will be more safety than classic wooden cruise. The engine is stronger for a long route discovers and comfort.

We almost use the traditional material such as a silks, ceramic…to use on board that bring a cozy ambience and cultural feel for traveler when they stay on board.

Halong bay luxury cruises

All facilities are very clean on the sundeck, it has a roof that could help to avoid the rain or too hot weather, where crew organize the sunset party

Both of restaurant and sundeck also equipped the music system for theme music of time, to be more enjoyment for tourist when stay on board. For lunch time, the instrument music will be played, and for sunset gathering, it would be party music

Reason 2: Luxury modified Limousine bus
Vehicle modern: Modified limousine version
Provide: Power charging, free 4G WIFI, large window, music, water, tissue, movie…
Total seat: 16.

Hanoi Halong bay by limousine shuttle bus service

Be modified from 29 seat bus, this is the newest modern van for tourist in Viet Nam. These types of van come with 16 seats for visitors and with large window that could help you have nice view along the road. Equipped with music, LCD screen for movie, USB charging port…

Genesis Cruise gives out some highlights:

  • Using hi- class modern minivan that are modified to be very luxury and comfortable
  • Go by Hanoi- Hai phong express way, it brings the most comfortable and save trip to tourist. From Hanoi to Halong bay, there are 2 highway systems: one is Hanoi- Haiphong then connect to highway Haiphong- Halong. The highway to Haiphong- Halong will be done in this August 2018, then the time to go from Hanoi- Halong bay just in 02 hours, then the day tour is become trendy and the good option for tourist.

Since August 2018, Genesis cruise already to use Hanoi- Haiphong highway to serve our clients, a little more for tour price but get more comfort, safety and time to enjoy the bay.

Reason 3: Audio Guide system

Audio guide system is one of the hearty project for our clients, with hope that could help all travelers get the full experience for your trip with us from information providing.
We are the first company to research and develop this application. Currently, we apply Korean and French

Reason 4: Interesting Itinerary

As one reason why Genesis Halong bay luxury day tour was created, because it is experience for tourist when they come to Halong bay

We would like to our visitors who do not want or do not have much time to stay overnight, still have the best experience to Halong bay with taking the most highlights of the bay.

Halong bay day tour
Genesis has itinerary as overnight cruises

Taking the route 2 by visiting the Sung sot cave, the core of heritage. On the way move, tourist will have chance to sightseeing a lot of amazing view of islans, islets…of Halong bay.

The route 02 is popular for overnight cruise. so with Halong bay luxury day tour, you could take the highlights of Halong bay just in one day trip.

Reason 5: Small group size

On the bus, the group is maximum 14 persons. The standard of boat size group is maximum 48 persons on board. And other cruise tour will take up to around 35 persons per trip.

Halong bay luxury day tour

But with Genesis cruise, we just content 24 persons on boat, 4 persons on table to ensure that tourist will have their own space to enjoy day trip.

With 24 persons, you will be taken care by 02 tour guides, speaking English, go on 02 bus. That could help the tourist will get the best personal care, get full interesting information or story about destinations while sightseeing.

Reason 6: High Commitment

As you know, this is hospitality and service industry, the product is invisible. It is created from many parts, and almost by human. And also it is impacted by objective reasons like weather, regulation, traffic…

We always commit to bring the value products that are equal to what client pay for, but nobody could ensure all tours are perfect every days

But we have strong policy for after- sales care. If tourist not happy to any part of the tour like we do not provide what we listed, mentioned, committed…After the trip, we will listen to you and would like to respond for all of it. We will apply for flexible refund policy as one of our apology. All in all just for your most complete journey with Genesis cruise

Each tour program brings visitors unforgettable experiences in the journey that visitors come across. With a mission to bring visitors  luxury and perfect experience in the program HaLong one day tour, Genesis is constantly innovate and perfect to become the leading tour operator providing best services to bring a wonderful experience when visitors come to Halong bay – the natural world heritage sites.

Let’s book with Genesis cruise to enjoy and experience, the confidence of tourists is big motivation to help our company develop better in the future.

Written by: Tracy Nguyen
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