Useful tips to choose a good Halong Bay day cruise tour

Halong Bay day cruise tour of Vietnam, with nearly 2,000 islands in the middle of the Gulf of Tonkin. The beauty of Halong is made up of three elements: Stone, Water and Sky. Halong Bay is one of the wonders of beauty that everyone wants to come once in life, so there are plenty of options for cruise liners providing overnight accommodation at this UNESCO Wonder. This is usually the highlight of a Southeast Asian journey.
Halong Bay day cruise tour

In the last 10 years, the number of overnight yachts has been increasing in quantity and quality. Newer, more luxurious ships, more features … put into service customers, you will be lost in a brand vessel matrix when choosing Halong tour overnight. Therefore, the way to visit Halong Bay in a day has been forgotten for a long time, it is only for large tourist groups from Asian countries such as Japan, Korea, China…
However, there is little bit of disappointment to figure out exactly how to visit the Bay. Small skillful vessels are used uncontrolled for cleanliness, service and journey. There are many things to keep in mind if you decide to opt for an overnight cruise. Although it would be great to see the magnificent views of the limestone islands on the Bay early in the morning, however, you will never want to spend the night in a small, shabby little boat. In addition, in recent years, the management board of Ha Long City wants to limit the overnight stay to balance with the business activities of the hotel and resort systems on the shore. And now Highway 5B from Hanoi to Haiphong has been used, next year, 2018, the last section boulevard from Hai Phong to HaLong City will be completed. This can help the time traveled from Ha Noi to HaLong City drops from 3.5 hours to less than 2 hours next year. After a long forgotten time, HaLong Bay tour will return as a new trend for Halong Bay day cruise tour.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when booking your HaLong Bay cruise tour. Note that most of the suggestions below are for one day rather than overnight, some of which may apply to both.

What is fact?
Do you know the ships with the picturesque sails in Vietnam? In fact, you should not go those boats if you only spend a day to go sightseeing the bay. Day trips usually take place on small, skimpy, double-decker ships capable of carrying 46 passengers. With more advanced ships, you will not have the space to walk if the boat is full of guests and most of the seats are also lack of cushion.

One thing to note is that most day trips on the Bay do not allow swimming or kayaking. If you travel in the winter, your tour guide will look at you in surprising if you tell him you want to swim: it’s a summer activity (with Vietnamese). Halong Bay day cruise tour.
The Government of Vietnam requires all ships to anchor at their specific location overnight. So you will not be able to see the dawn of the limestone islands early in the morning when there are many other boats around. Besides, the generators from the neighboring boats also affect much to the air.

So overnight or day cruise is the best choice?
The cruise of the ship can decide your choice. If you choose a single day, the cruise time on the Bay will be only four, six or eight hours. Your choice is determined by the time. Few operators use luxury sailboats for day trips, kayaking or swimming, often reserved for late afternoon anchors.

Small boats are also changed in terms of conditions as well as facilities. We recommend booking through the boat or with the operator to get the best boat and guide.
If your boat is on the harbor for two days, you can book an overnight cruise on Halong Bay. In one night, you have many options on boats, utilities and service levels; Cruises are available at all costs, from standard to luxurious travel. You will also have many opportunities to participate in water activities such as kayaking, swimming or driving a bamboo boat. Halong Bay day cruise tour.

Book a tour in advance
Yes, you can register for a trip from the person who introduced you to Bai Chay Pier. We strongly discourage this. You should remember that you are accepting on condition that the train is not good.  As the sailboat no longer leaves Bai Chay Pier (as of January 2016), you will not be able to check it before boarding, and the ships may change. Now all moved to Tuan Chau marina, larger and more modern. Second, booking in advance allows you to find out who and how many people are on your boat. If you choose a boat in Port Harbor for your trip, you might be able to step on a crowded boat packed for a Halong Bay day cruise tour.

To find a good reservation agent, read the reviews on Hotels and Travel Critics. Send emails to operators and request specific fees, time and what is included. A typical boat trip on Halong Bay includes a stop at a cave, like the Thien Cung cave, the Surprising cave; a Vietnamese lunch, visit the traditional fishing village of Vietnam and take a scenic cruise for a few hours. Some cruise ships also offer kayaking.
For simplicity, get on the boat. The difference between a private boat trip and a cruise ship is the number of guests on board. If you have a group of twelve or more people, making a small personal boat trip will be more cost-effective and more comfortable than transplanting with another group. If you have only two people, there is no reason to attend a private tour, (We really understand this.) Although the fact that only two people in a boat can hold up to 46 tourist, it does not make a strong difference to the cruise lines that these visitors other yachts are enjoying with Halong bay one day tour.

Outside the Port
Vietnamese ports charge high rates right from the parking lot. You can shave up to $ 30 per person. If you tell the reservation agent be ready to meet your directions outside the pier area.

                                                                   Tourists are waiting for Halong Bay day cruise tour

How many hours should be?
The biggest difference between the cruises of Halong Bay is the amount of time you spend on the water. If you choose a four hour trip, the trip will be less expensive, but you will only be in the most salable places of Halong Bay, which are very crowded with various boats. You may or may not be able to visit one of the Gulf caves in time.

Most cruise trips last six hours, taking you to a cave, as well as a Vietnamese fishing village. Although people no longer live in fishing villages, it is very beautiful and still used. In the fishing village, you can take a bamboo boat around the island. This is an activity where we felt like we were on a private tour – only two people in small boats instead of four with a Halong bay one day tour.
Our two hour excursion to see the scenery, a total of 8 hours on the Bay. If you enjoy relaxing under the sun, you will enjoy more time between the limestone islands. If you feel bored, eight hours may be too much.
If you rent a private boat like us, it is not difficult to create your own schedule. But then the cost will be quite high when you go in small groups. Taking the tour is a popular choice. However, you can not request activities and places of interest as you wish. And choose the companies that organize a tour with the most attractive schedules and routes, also to spend a day and a trip to Halong Bay day cruise tour.

The difference of 02 cruising routes in a day tour

The current day tour has two basic schedule as follows:
Go to Route 1: Visit Ga Choi, Thien Cung cave, kayaking in Ba Hang fishing village. This schedule is reserved for day tour because these locations are only 30 minutes away by boat. Often the place is for the delegation from the neighboring Asian countries to Vietnam. There are companies that organize tours with this schedule like Wonder bay cruise, Wati travel, Dragon cruise, Phoenix cruise … basically go tell Halong with 8 hours on the car and only about 4 hours on board.

Go to route 2: Visit the cave, Titov island, kayaking in Luon cave. This is the route for night train, so quite a few companies organize tours using this schedule. However, this is one of the most beautiful sightseeing tours in Halong Bay. It goes through the most beautiful spots of the bay and heads straight to the center of the natural heritage. If you go to Halong without going to this schedule, it is a pity and waste of time.

Halong bay one day tour
Visit Halong bay on a bamboo boat is ideal way

Recommended Cruise for Halong Bay day cruise tour
Genesis, the brand new, has put this route into service tourist day tour. For the most complete experience of Halong Bay day cruise tour from Hanoi. In particular, Genesis uses modified modified cars and highways to give guests more comfort and less time to travel. Of course this tour will cost more than the tour at the 1st line, but it’s reason enough so, going is to experience the full.

Halong bay one day tour
Transfer by luxury van, more comfortable, going by highway to save time for Halong Bay day cruise tour.

Les’t come with us and enjoy the discovery to Halong bay one day tour.

Written by Tracy Nguyen


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