US President Donald Trump Visits Hanoi city

This afternoon (November 11), US President Donald Trump visits Hanoi, starting his official visit to Vietnam. President Putin and President Trump has left Da Nang after the last working day of APEC Vietnam 2017.

After leaving Da Nang this afternoon (November 11st), US President Donald Trump returned to Noi Bai airport, beginning a state visit at the invitation of President Tran Dai Quang. This is also the first visit to Vietnam by Donald Trump. US President Donald Trump visits Hanoi.
In Hanoi, the president has a busy schedule. On this evening, Donald Trump will attend the State Banquet. As of November 12nd, Donald Trump is expected to hold a bilateral meeting with President Tran Dai Quang and other top Vietnamese leaders in Hanoi. However, the Boss of White house will not spend any time to visit the nature wonder of the world, Halong bay.
Vietnam is the fourth stop on Trump’s five-country trip to Japan, after Japan, South Korea and China. After leaving Vietnam, Donald Trump will be heading to the Philippines to attend the East Asia Summit.
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• 15h00
Ending the APEC meeting in Da Nang, US President Donald Trump this afternoon boarded Air Force One to Hanoi, beginning a State visit to Vietnam.
Two of the Cadillac The Beast transports the President were brought to Hanoi one day before, so Mr. Trump to Da Nang airport in another white car. (US President Donald Trump visits Hanoi).

• 15h10
Meanwhile, in Hanoi, three hours before the US President’s plane landed, security forces detonated from the airport to the downtown area where Trump stayed.
The US Department of Veterinary Services conducts a dog scan of each tree
• 16h00
Security at Noi Bai airport is set in the highest mode. Not only the VIP A guesthouse, the entire T1 and T2 terminals have American security, police, airport maneuvering from the entrance gate and many other locations.
• 16h15
The car was accompanied by the President of the United States, including two Cadillac The Beast entering the runway.
Specialists and convoys serving the US president are exempt from security checks. At the time of picking up the engine, the whole aircraft in Noi Bai was relocated to another area. Only after the last specialists in the convoy entered the yard, the runway reopened for commercial flight operations.
While waiting for the President, the driver and the service staff carefully scrubbed the tires.
• 16h25

US Secret Service stands on a C5 Noi Bai ladder car using binoculars to observe the directions before the plane landed.
• 16h48
Along the central streets of Hoan Kiem district, thousands of fences were assembled to prepare for the blockade. These areas have mixed security teams.
• 17h23
Two Air Force Ones landed in Noi Bai at 1654 and 1723, with the latter arriving in Trump, the other for reconnaissance and backup.
• 17h26
President of the United States to Hanoi, the influx of people and visitors to the center of the east.
• 17h34
US President Donald Trump visits HanoiAbout 10 minutes after the plane landed, the US President appeared smiling waving. He walked slowly down the steps of the red carpet.
At the foot of the stairs, besides two rows of soldiers dressed in white uniforms, there are dozens of children waving Vietnamese and American flags. Welcoming Mr. Trump, Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Chung.
The US president waved to the people before he left the airport.
• 18h12
The carriage of Mr. Trump passing through the Opera House
• 18h14
Donald Trump’s private Facebook page broadcasts the US President’s image at Noi Bai airport with status “just arrived in Hanoi, Vietnam!”
Super Cadillac stops in front of Sofitel Metropole Legend Hotel on Ly Thai To street, Hanoi.

US President Donald Trump visits HanoiThousands of people clamped down behind the blockade in front of the Trang Tien Plaza, eagerly waiting for the president.
Today is the weekend, when the pedestrian street activities, so people in the east, including many foreign visitors. As soon as he returned to the hotel, Mr. Trump continued to move to the Government Guest House for the reception of President Tran Dai Quang at 20:00.

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